Feedback from customers

Wall calendar landscapes - Dec 2017
by Carlos

beautiful photos of Portugal. Love it. thanks for the quick service.

2018 wall planner poppy - Dec 2017
by James

very pleased with my planner. perfect for my office. not boring like the conventional ones.

desk calendar Westie - Dec 2017
by Debbie

Thank you so much for your prompt service, well pleased

Desk calendar Westie - Dec 2017
by Deborah

Arrived very quickly. highly recommended product. thanks

Wall planner poppy - Nov 2017
by Shaunie

Great planner. perfect size and well designed. thank you

Planner pad poppy - Nov 2017
by Justine

very please with my item. well designed

2017 wall planner poppy design - Feb 2017
by Mariah

great design, escellent quality. plenty of space to write on it. dates are easy to see. colours are bright and fresh.

Desk calendar Westie - Dec 2017
by Carrie

Lovely calendar. love the photos :)

A3 wall calendar landscapes - Feb 2017
by Anna

Love this calendar. pictures are amazing and very inspirational.

A5 desk calendar Westie - an 2017
by John

my top calendar so far, some of the photos are very funny, like the one for June :) just love it. great shots!

A5 desk calendar westie - Jan 2017
by JD

Lovely calendar. photos are amazing. I love westies and this goes perfect on my desk

2017 wall planner poppy desing - Jan 2017
by Shaun McNeill

Love it. Soon as arrived straight to desk to fill in. Thank you

A5 desk calendar Westie - Dec 2016
by Katrina

I love it

2017 wall planner poppy design - Dec 2016
by Marcus

Nice design, arrived really quickly even to Portugal, would highly recommend :)

2017 wall planner poppy design - Dec 2016
by Kevin B.

2nd Year of having this. its brilliant easy to see all dates. Quick delivery ty

A3 wall calendar & Bookmark - Dec 2015
by Miss Anne L.

Great product, reasonably priced & great service. Thank you!

A3 wall calendar landscapes - Dec 2015
by Max

A great quality product which I've brought for a Xmas present.

A4 wall calendar seasons - Jan 2015
by Callum

very happy with this calendar. loved the creative photos made with the objects. very original

A5 desk dreamer's world - Dec 2014
by Caroline

great calendar. love it. the photos are very unique.

A3 wall calendar - Jan 2015
by Sasha

Nice calendars, pictures are amazing. Have been buying these for the last 3 years for my home and work. Plenty space for notes

Desk calendar Landscapes - Jan 2015
By Pauline

lovely calendar. great photos. Very practical and useful with week numbers but I preferred the previous year version with grid instead of lines

Desk Calendar Dreamers and Bookmarks - Feb 2015
By W. Scott

very happy with these products. good quality.

Wall calendar landscapes - Dec 2014

great choice. pictures are beautiful. excelent size for a wall calendar.

wall calendar landscapes - Dec 2014
By Miss A. Robertson

bough one for me and another for a friend as a gift. really happy with these calendars. they look great in my kitchen. lovely pictures.

Wall calendar tiny lives, Desk calendar Landscapes - Dec 2013
By Kate

I bought one for me and one as a gift for a friend. She loved it. The pictures are really nice and cute.

Desk Calendar Dreamers and Cat Bookmark - Dec 2013
By Paul B.

Very well designed, the photos are great. good quality

Desk Calendar Landscapes and Flower Garden - Dec 2013
By John

Love the calendars and the photos. great quality.

Desk Calendar Flower Garden and Landscapes - Dec 2013
By Anna

It's the 2nd year I buy calendars from here and I realy love them. The photos are amazing and good quality.

Wall Calendar Bug's Life - Apr 2013
By Eva

Great deal. Fast delivery. Highly recommended!

Desk Calendar Butterfly World - Apr 2013
By Sandra

Great seller! A pleasure to do business with you

Wall Calendar Dreamer's World - Apr 2013
By Dannielle

Love it :)

Desk Calendar Gifts 1 - Apr 2013
By William

Great deal!

Desk Calendar Butterfly World - Mar 2013
By Inesa

Great calendar. Many thanks

Desk Calendar Gifts 2 - Mar 2013
By Melanie

Perfect, thank you!

Desk Calendar Garden I and Gifts 2 - Feb 2013
By Anna

Very fast delivery. Lovely calendars

Desk Calendar Gifts 2 - Feb 2013
By Nicola

Gorgeous calendar, received quick, thank you.

Desk Calendar Gifts 2 - Feb 2013
By Fiona

Lovely calendar and great communication and service.

Wall Calendar Butterfly - Feb 2013
By Jonh

Perfect sized wall calendar. Great pictures.

Desk Calendar Gifts 2 - Jan 2013
By Christine

Great calendar. Love all the photos.

Desk Calendar Garden 1 - Jan 2013
By Gary

Lovely calendar. Beautiful photos.

Wall Calendar Gifts 1 - Sept 2012
By Miss J

Really nice calendar - ample space for notes and easy to see across a room.

Wall Calendar Gifts 3 - Aug 2012
By Anna

Great service, lovely calendar.

Wall Calendar Gifts 2 - Aug 2012
By Jonh

Perfect sized wall calendar. Great pictures.

Wall Calendar Gifts 2 - Jun 2012
By Kim

Excellent calendar, beautiful photographs. Very colourful. Bought this for my desk at work.

Wall Calendar Gifts 1 - Jun 2012

Great pictures. Plenty of space for adding important dates & reminders (there is a box for each day). Will feature on my gift list again this year I am sure.

Wall Calendar Gifts 3 - May 2012
By Jomsky

Well designed, with nice pictures, depicting various aspects. There is ample space to make entries for each date.